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A non-Brown/Black person who embraces the Hip-Hop lifestyle and culture, listens to nothing but Hip-Hop and speaks as such, however, is completely grossed out by the thought of dating or engaging in sexual relations with a Brown/Black person.
Meagan: Yo, Beck-dawg, I can't wait for da 50 Cent concert dis weekend!

Becky: I know right! Maybe we can sneak backstage and do a lil a little sompin' sompin' wit him!

Meagan: Eww, gross! A Black guy? You're so ratchet!

Becky Ohhhhh, I see. You're a hip-hopocrite.

Meagan: What? I'd totally bang Eminem or The Kottonmouth Kings

Becky: (heavy sigh)
by Raixor August 15, 2014
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Hip hop artist who, when poor, railed about capitalist injustices, who, once co-opted with riches by the very capitalist system, becomes a ravenous, insatiable capitalist beast.
Bilderberger #1: I say, Hamish, I daresay that one might rather be prudent to keep an alert eye on the potential of the raising of social awareness and possibly disturbance by this new movement of popular music I understand to possess as its sobriquet "hip hop".

Bilderberger #2: Oh, dear Niles, no need for concern, old chap. Our lads have the matter well in hand. Standard procedure, old chap. Give these naive malcontents a taste of caviar and champagne, and predictably they will instantaneously transform, shedding their old threadbare rags of "hip hop" social criticism, instead draping themselves eagerly in the vestments of ostentatious consumption and display of the nouveau riche. They will become hiphopocrites, easily dispensing of their old discontents, readily assuming the new roles accorded by their newfound economic and social stratum.

Bilderberger #1: Well, done, Hamish, my old chap.
by QsQr March 08, 2016
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