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1. An expression for descriping a positive situation, experience, or object.

2. A term to express an appreciation of high quality.
We had a good time at the club last night, it was gold.

Damn money, that shirt you wearing is straight up gold!
by RL October 28, 2003
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A man who is so irrestible all women flock to him in numbers. A gigolo. Very sexy.
That guy is such a Sauman! Look at all those biznatches with him! I'm attracted to his svelte body!
by RL January 03, 2004
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to fart at an undesired time or place
also to fart when it is dead silent
Damn Emory let an emory
by RL April 01, 2005
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modismo; significa mala persona
An expression that means someon is a bad person or rude
ya me vas a cortar, que gacha
by RL February 16, 2005
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its RL aka Tiff's bitch.
Being Tiff's bitch isn't easy
by RL January 25, 2004
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A person subcummbed to a dep
Mungchung is a Dep
by RL October 19, 2003
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