That one bitch who's sensitive af and cries for the most unreasonable things ALL THE TIME
Been together for two weeks..
Boy: it's over.
Cry baby bitch: runs away, and cries in the bathroom for 3 hours
by weird flex but okay March 1, 2019
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People who were handed everything in their lives and don't ever work for anything. They cry and throw fits because Trump is president and they no longer get participation trophies. So they go around making up words and complaining about Trump and everything else in the world when they don't get their way
Y'all stop being cry baby bitches and get on with your pathetic lives!
by Theert12 February 10, 2017
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1: Someone who complains or whines excessively.
Can also apply to females by shorting it to just "cry baby bitch"

2: A Male who shows strong emotion or stereotypical feminine qualities.
Stop bitching and moaning about everything you "cry baby bitch boy"
by MR-T.bone August 10, 2007
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Someone who gets butthurt easily by an opinion of others(when it doesn’t even target them)even though it’s straight facts.
Damn I can’t believe Urban Dictionary didn’t post my definition I guess the people who read it were being too busy being pansy ass cry baby bitches that they couldn’t handle a honest definition.
by Rach9797 July 29, 2020
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when your “friend” is a cry baby pirate bitch
boy:you you should play a game with us
boy2:yea join us
gingy:bc im a cry baby pirate bitch

this is what happens when your “friend” is a cry baby pirate bitch
by im-cooler-than-you July 12, 2022
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