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Vikas is a Hindi(Indian Language) word. It is used as a word as well as a name. Vikas means Development/Progress.
Generally, people whose name is Vikas are intelligent or smart or handsome or wealthy or possess all these attributes.
1) Vikas is a good boy. (Here Vikas is the name of the person.)

2) India vikas kar raha hai. (India is progressing. Here Vikas is being used as a term & not as a name.)
by Sa De July 08, 2006
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noun: beautiful russian woman

most amazingly stunning woman you will ever meet!

She's the woman your mother will love, your ex's will hate, the girl you'll never want to let go of and one day you'll call her your wife if your lucky!
like many before me I fell in love with a beautiful russian named Vika.

Vika's so out of my league.

Vika is the world's best girlfriend, she's so adorable!
by ThisShitsLegit September 12, 2012
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She is a one in a million , she never backs down from a fight. She's the funnest person to be around with , she's intelligent, very independent and strong when she has to be. If you know a vika then you'd know that she likes to laugh a lot. She's got this thing for scary movies , oh and is very ticklish ;) If your feeling down ? or feeling lonely she'll always be there. She'd give you advice , comfort you and tell you that everything will be ok. She love's to dance , sing ... in the shower & has this thing when ever she explains something she does these weird hand gestures to help her prove her point.

She's easy to get along with , so don't be shy just say hi.
random : hi :)

by FAGGER722 October 01, 2013
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Hot with a great personality
everyone wants to fuck her!!
its ture i do!
i saw vika today and my heart melted
by Anonymous April 30, 2003
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A fat ass loner who masturbates cause he has no friends. When he tries to suck his tiny baby carrot his fat sack comes in the way so does his tits
He is such a Vikas.
by pewdspewds September 27, 2018
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"Dude I had so many dingle berries in my Vika."

"She was a good fuck until I saw her Vika."

"Don't you hate it when the nair gets stuck to your Vika?"

"I went to go get my Vika bleached."

"Russians have the worst Vikas."
by sjsmothafucka February 27, 2012
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