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A bunch of gay people playing a British Political Simulation game.
Someone: "Hey have you heard about mhoc?"
Someone 2: "Isn't that where super nerdy gay people sit playing a british political simulation game"
Someone: "Yes!"
Someone: "I passed legislation forcing ID Cards on everyone!"
Someone2: "omg sounds so liberal."
by QuillzToxic2 November 2, 2018
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Homelab also known as 'The cult of the MonsterMuffin' is a cult that worships the god of servers. Many would say the homelab is the gateway to heaven.

People often will have an altar called a "rack" that is a representative image of "the great hypervisor in the clouds".

Many of us like to show off our memory count to gain attraction from our peer's or the overlord, MonsterMuffin.
May I visit your homelab to worship MonsterMuffin, our overlord?

Does your homelab have an altar called a "rack"?

Date scene:
Person 1 - "How much memory do you have i your homelab?"
Person 2 - "256GB"
Person 1 - "It's over person 2!!!!!"
by QuillzToxic2 March 22, 2017
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