Once you’ve proved yourself that you smoke a shit load of weed, then and only then can you can join the “Monster Hits Only Club”. Founding father is Barstools very own El Presidente.
Stoolie: “Lemme join the club El Presidente!”

Pres: “No prove you’re not no pussy ass bitch like Feitelberg’s bitch tit ass. Then I might think about letting you in the MHOC Monster Hits Only Club.”

Stoolie: “Okay dad love you”
by B3RGY February 1, 2019
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A bunch of gay people playing a British Political Simulation game.
Someone: "Hey have you heard about mhoc?"
Someone 2: "Isn't that where super nerdy gay people sit playing a british political simulation game"
Someone: "Yes!"
Someone: "I passed legislation forcing ID Cards on everyone!"
Someone2: "omg sounds so liberal."
by QuillzToxic2 November 2, 2018
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