Homelab also known as 'The cult of the MonsterMuffin' is a cult that worships the god of servers. Many would say the homelab is the gateway to heaven.

People often will have an altar called a "rack" that is a representative image of "the great hypervisor in the clouds".

Many of us like to show off our memory count to gain attraction from our peer's or the overlord, MonsterMuffin.
May I visit your homelab to worship MonsterMuffin, our overlord?

Does your homelab have an altar called a "rack"?

Date scene:
Person 1 - "How much memory do you have i your homelab?"
Person 2 - "256GB"
Person 1 - "It's over person 2!!!!!"
by QuillzToxic2 March 22, 2017
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Homelab is a place to mess around with enterprise equipment and software in the home, and sometimes extending past this. Many of us do it to keep us at the top of our game in our jobs, some people do it on here because they want to get into IT, and others simply because it interests them. Not all labbers are the same, and this is fine. Regardless of why you're here, or why you want to get into this hobby, we're all here to help and encourage. Homelab is run by a faggot called MonsterMuffin.
I just bought some new servers that I am going to put in my homelab.
by daunting skid March 22, 2017
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