8 definitions by Quicksand Boy

It's the same as "Stupid" but is 20% cooler
What's a spoon?
Wow, you really are shdoopid.
by Quicksand Boy January 22, 2018
Similar in meaning to get roasted and is a fun and obsessive way to say it.
"The color on my shirt is brighter than your future"
"Ooooohhh! Get minced!"
by Quicksand Boy January 7, 2018
A pretty funny and exaggerated term to use instead of "get roasted"
"Incinerated" derives from the word "incineration" - to get burned up (like how "roasted" means cooked)
Person 1: "Dude whatever your cooking looks more burnt than my grandma - and she died in a bombing!"
Person 2: "Oh-oh-oh-OH NO HE DIDN'T! Get incinerated!!!
by Quicksand Boy January 26, 2019
A term used for being offensive, insulting them by calling them a fruit cake in a rude way whilst arguing.

It can also be used as a very nice term, by slowly calling the love of your life a fruit cake, you could start to win them over. They are both as sweet as each other.
Shut up! You don't know nothing about this!
Why don't you shut up you fruit cake!

Aww, my fruit cake, how are you feeling?
by Quicksand Boy January 10, 2018
An odd hairstyle that has hair in a round, upside down bowl on your head, which works best with 2-4 inch hair.
Look at this dude's hair!
I know, right? He's got The Gay Look!
by Quicksand Boy January 20, 2018
An alien pencil case from an unknown location. Usually consists of a prismacolour/holographic texture and insides made of pens, pencils, glues, highlighters, etc.
The Holographic Child belongs to Jesus and came when he descended from heaven.
by Quicksand Boy January 20, 2018
Quickmud is like quicksand, but has a noticeably darker, wetter surface - resembling a pool of mud. If one happens to fall into quickmud, they will quickly sink down! One can also sink to various depths in quickmud - and on rare occasions - people can get completely sucked under!
Boy 1: *falls into quickmud, up to his waist* Ah crap! I'm sinking in quickmud!
Boy 2: So what? Everyone knows you can't drown in quicksand.
Boy 1: But this isn't quicksand, it's quickmud!!
*Boy 1 continues to sink, now up to his neck*
Boy 1: No! Help me, please! I'm sinki--!

*Blub blub blub blblbblb...pff pff splat!*
by Quicksand Boy October 15, 2019