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Best sitcom and comedian ever...exactly what a sitcom is supposed to be. I've never heard anyone diss Seinfeld in my life and that's fucking awesome! The main characters are Jerry, the cereal addict; George, the loser with absolutely nothing going for him (my favorite character); Elaine, a woman who suprisingly doesn't have any female friends; Kramer, the hysterical dolt. Don't diss Seinfeld, if you haven't seen any episode out of it's 9 seasons, GO AND WATCH THEM!!!
George: How much do you tip a chamber made?
Guy: Hm...5 bucks a night?
George: 5 bucks a night! 2 and the absolute most!
Guy: Get outta here!
by Quartux (Tyler) August 18, 2005

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What everybody on this site has done to the English language (I blame myself as well)...
We gutter-fucked them Brit's lingo past repairin'.
by Quartux (Tyler) August 17, 2005

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A very good band. Yes, I admit it, and I'm a guy. Do you know why? Because I have taste. And for all you fucking retarded guys out there who say they suck, it's only because you're not secure enough with your masculinity to admit that they're good. They might be gay, but i doubt it.
Retarded fag talking: Oh ya, the Backstreet Boys suck cause everybody thinks they do, so I think they do also because I'm a fucking conformist.
by Quartux (Tyler) August 17, 2005

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Canada and America...both great countries. Canada is better than America in some ways: (health care, less problems, more room) and vice versa: (GST, government, power, money). Oh, and by the way, we (Canada) are not all French, only the Quebec people. Canada and America are both great, and a big thanks to our southern neightbors for protecting our weak asses from North Korea and Libya!
To clear a few things up, we...

have police officers, not mounties.

have cars, not dogsleds.

don't have freeze your balls off temperatures all year round.

say "eh" as much as any other English-speaking country.

live in houses, not igloos.

say "about", not "aboot".

are as pissed at our government as the Americans, although we have good reason to be.

DON'T hate Americans.
by Quartux (Tyler) August 18, 2005

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