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Haircut (polititian part) that all the douchebag southern frat boys have. Same fucktards wear costa del mars with South Carolina Palm tree croakies, and table cloth design button ups, guy Harvey t's, extremely short shorts, nautical flag belts, and sperry boat shoes. They all think that they are gentlemen and big time outdoorsman. The personality from these douches stems from being a nobody through high school and getting a fresh start in college. They crave attention bc it's new to them.The only thing they have in common with their brothers is who can act like they have more money and all of them are die hard republicans, but they don't know why. They can be seen often riding around in z71 pickup trucks with loud exhaust and cheap mud tires littered with salt life stickers. Their girlfriends can be spotted very easily, just look for monogramed back windows on compact cars or suv's.

They usually go by names such as: grant, Samuel, Connor, tucker, Benjamin, Camden, William, Andrew, Prescott, Harrison, Preston, Taylor, Steven, Hudson, carter, Cameron, & baron

Their girlfriends go by such names as: Addison, Madeline, Caroline, Macy, Riley, malorie, Madeline, & Annabelle
Yo Harrison!
Bra, I thought you lived on a plantation from the way you act and your politician part.

Hey baron!
Why don't you cut your politician part? You look like a douche that's trying to look like a fishing boat captain.
by Purplepirate March 3, 2014
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When something doesn't go where all the players involved think it is going to go. Equally applicable when talking about putting spacecraft in orbit as it is when PIV aim gets a little off and ends up in surprise buttsecks.
You're aiming a little low there, big fella, going to end up with an off-nominal insertion if you poke any harder!
by Purplepirate December 20, 2019
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The mark made when accidentally touching a heated beauty appliance like a curling iron or straightener to one's neck, jaw, ear or other non hair body part, especially if making it causes a sizzle and/or aroma like cooking bacon.
No, that's not a hickey, just some beauty bacon from when I slipped with the curling iron this morning. Sometimes I suck at this girl stuff!
by Purplepirate April 19, 2015
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