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Shopping that happens when you finally get tired of eating crackers and/or are out of soap. May involve searching for the mustard, since it isn't next to the ketchup, until you find mustard next to the hot dogs or something else equally logical.
My girlfriend always asks me to go grocery shopping with her but it's a really annoying way to spend time.
by prinnyfan April 08, 2009

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A combination of the words "Facebook" and "fake." Describes a false relationship status showing your relationship status on Facebook as married, when you are not actually married to the person. It can discourage people from hitting on you but more then likely you just married your best friend to avoid posting your actual relationship status on Facebook.
"I love my Fakebook marriage: I didn't want that guy to bug me about our relationship status on Facebook. Thank god I told him I'm married to my best friend and it would hurt her feelings if we broke it off."
by prinnyfan May 09, 2009

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that terribly strong hunger you get after being drunk.
Man, we were so drunger that night, why did we eat 5 Fat Sandwiches ?
by prinnyfan August 25, 2010

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Just Wear That Sexy Wicked Wetsuit For Underwater Trans Atlantic Transport To Qatar
me: what should i wear?
you: JWTSWWFUTATTQ, oh baby.
by prinnyfan November 20, 2010

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defend you for life." an imprecise acronym where the DF stands for "DeFend", the J stands for "You" or "Joo," and the 4L means "For Life.
I no enemy I DFJ4L!!
by prinnyfan January 13, 2011

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