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A man who practices the art of erotic massage mostly though not always with the purpose of sex, foreplay, icebreaking and/or muscular pain!
Baby I am your Love Masseur to-nite!

"So whatcha did yesterday dude!"
"I met this front burner we like totally hit it off"
"Didja score bitch!"
"Yeah! The Love Masseur was working overtime!"

My tounge (or any other external body part) is the WMD of my love arsenal baby!

I am the Love Masseur
by Praney Deb May 4, 2005
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To change the (boring) music to something more appealing.

To reinvent oneself, ones life etc
Hey DJ, scratch the tape!!!

My life sucks, I need a change
You gotta scratch the tape man
by Praney Deb March 22, 2010
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1. A haircut that gets you laid

2. A haircut that evokes lust
I just walked out the barbershop and this girl gave me the eye, its my first screw cut man!

I love what you done to your hair.
Tell me about it, the guys are lining up my door; guess they can't resist my screw cut
by Praney Deb August 6, 2009
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Solid practicality while usually referring to earthly possessions can also cover spiritual materialism
You got lotta earth bitch!
That cult makes earth dog!
by Praney Deb May 1, 2005
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