Einsturzende Neubauten ("Imploding/Collapsing New Buildings") formed in Berlin, Germany on April 1, 1980, as part of the 'Die Geniale Dillentanten', which was formed to break down all musical conventions.

Many of the members have included Blixa Bargeld. N.U. Unruh, F.M. Einheit, Alexander Van Borsig, Mark Chung, and Rudi Moser, just to name a few (their band line-up is practically a revolving-door complex in some ways)

They are true pioneers of Industrial, generally using and playing real instruments rather than recording them digitally.
1. EN - Not your generic, Industrial act: very Experimental and Avant-Garde

2. Albums include:
"Kollaps" (1981)
"Drawings of Patient O.T" (1983)
"Halber Mensch" (1985)
"Five on the Open-ended Richter Scale" (1987)
"Haus der Luge" (1989)
"Tabula Rasa" (1993)
"Ende Neu" (1996)
"Silence is Sexy" (2000)
"Perpetuum Mobile" (2004)

And many others...
by Mister E. May 29, 2005
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German phrase meaning "hash brown casserole".
Hans loved to have Einsturzende Neubauten with his sauerkraut.
by DaBunny June 3, 2005
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