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Fuck Outta Here
A shorter way to say Get the fuck outta here
Guess who I saw yesterday?
Your old ex. Calvin!
FOH! Where you see that fool?
by poopsie88 June 10, 2012

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I saw the Knicks totally bomb last night!

by Poopsie88 February 04, 2012

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One who's sole source of information comes from FaceBook.
Her master's is in FaceBook Education.
by Poopsie88 November 23, 2011

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The celebration of tragedy.
All this tragebration lately is depressing.
by Poopsie88 November 18, 2011

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Someone whose total education comes from FaceBook.
Children nowadays only get a FaceBook Education.
by Poopsie88 February 17, 2012

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When you send off a tweet before reading it, and you regret it later.
Dude, I had a premature tweetjaculation last night when I was drunk off my ass.
by Poopsie88 December 08, 2011

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