15 definitions by Pompous Smurf

this is pretty much the sound one makes when throwing up, possibly from being sick but most common from havin had too much to drink
You hear ralph callin dinosaurs,"raaaaarrrr"
by Pompous Smurf July 27, 2006
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nipples, the things in the middle of some ones boobies, that become hard when stimulated and are really hot when are sticking out of a female's shirt, part of the tits that make my pants move, there are big ones and small ones, and they come in different colors.
its great goin to the beach and gettin an eye full of can toppers.
by Pompous Smurf September 29, 2006
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a person, commonly a female, that can not function properly with out some dick or can not get dick off their mind.
That tramp is adickted she wants it more than you wanna give it to her.
by Pompous Smurf July 28, 2006
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the act of beggin most commonly a crach head that begs for crumbs, your change or anything you have to spare
quit yo crumbin and get the whole rock.
by Pompous Smurf July 28, 2006
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a dumb ass cunt, a bitch who pisses you off, acts like she don't know whats goin on, or when she is supposed to leave
What is that d.a.c. beth doin here?
by Pompous Smurf July 21, 2006
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Slang for get me a beer....the act of needing a beer, espically when somebody is on their way to the fridge to get another.
I'm runnin low, beer me.
by Pompous Smurf October 04, 2006
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a whore at a bar or club that thinks she is a betty but will not ever get taken home because she looks like she has a collection of many strains of veneral disease
Hey, watch out vd betty showed up and tried to get me to buy her a drink.
by Pompous Smurf October 14, 2006
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