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1) A cowardly move that will possibly be made in Canada by a idiot of a man, Stephen Harper, aka the Canadian Prime Minister.

2) A decision that could be made to save his own ass, when in reality, he begins to look like a fool. The New Democratic Party - Bloc Quebecois - Liberal coalition has a far better chance than any half-baked stupidity filled party like the Conservatives.
"Oh no, I think my government may topple. I think I'll prorogue and save my ass, even if I look like a fool." - Harper-ese.
by PoliSci December 4, 2008
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alternative version for the past tense of "i saw it"
you used to not give a fuck about discretion. i seent you pull someboys jaw bone off. i seent it.
by PoliSci February 25, 2015
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Noora kushti (pronounced noor-ah kush-tee) is a word of Persian (Farsi, Iranian) origin that generally means "fixed fight" or pretending to fight (while fooling a target audience). In Persian (Iranian) sporting matches and games it is the literal act of pretending to fight in order to fool an audience.

More importantly it is used in Persian/Iranian (and to some extent Pakistani) politics to indicate two (or more) parties that appear to oppose one another, while the reality is the two parties are pretending to oppose one another. Only the two parties participating in the act know that their opposition to one another is just an act that is meant to deceive a target audience. Therefore it could be understand as pretend opposition. This is usually done in order to control both (or all) audiences/populations. It is a form of political monopolization.
Person #1: Why did Iran buy weapons from Israel during Iran-gate? And why did Israel sell them to Iran? They always are threatening each other.
Person #2 Noora kushti dummy.
by PoliSci December 29, 2015
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