A person who is eager to please authorities such as teachers, parents etc...
"Jimmy always offers to help the teacher, he is such a big suck-hole". also short form "suck": "Jimmy is a suck"

Canadian slang, widespread in 60's to 80's
by suck-hole September 13, 2009
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someone who loves to drain someone with their drama.
That dude is such a suck-hole because whenever he texts me it is always about his problems
by Gypsypws September 18, 2019
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Crude insult, comparable to bastard, prick, cock-bite,asshole and the like.
"Shut-up, you suck-hole!"
"You're such a suck-hole piece of shit!"
by Pogmotoin October 8, 2008
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Everything that comes out of his suck hole is bullshit!
by dogs bower February 17, 2006
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Any person who is an annoying jerk or idiot. Used in an insulting way to describe anyone one does not like. Comparable to "asshole".
You are such a suck hole
Get lost you stupid suck hole
by Pogmotoin January 9, 2008
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When someone gives you the shits, an appropriate reply would be "suck my hole". the act of placing the lips on the human anus entrance or vaginal entrance, and creating a sucking motion. but that is not actually done, is only used as an insult. Has a variety of use and is appropriate for most situations.
"hey your shirt is ugly"
"hey you can suck my hole!"

"get out of my life"
"suck my hole!"
by suckmyyholeee May 17, 2010
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