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A person who is eager to please authorities such as teachers, parents etc...
"Jimmy always offers to help the teacher, he is such a big suck-hole". also short form "suck": "Jimmy is a suck"

Canadian slang, widespread in 60's to 80's
by suck-hole September 13, 2009
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sycophant; A person who seeks favour by flattering influential people. (Australian Slang)
by John December 02, 2003
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A slang term for mouth. In other words, the hole that has the sole purpose of sucking.
"So I tell my wife to pipe down while the Jets game is on, or I'll bust her in the suckhole."
by Frank Hotdog November 11, 2006
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A womans mouth.

EXP: Suck referring to a womans ability to perform oral sex on a mans penis.

Cathy: Please Paul take that large thing away from my face!

Paul: Shut up, I am going to insert it into your pretty suckhole.
by DeanNJ March 20, 2007
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In hockey, the area on the ice near the red line, against the boards; referring to a person in that position. (Derogatory expression for someone who plays offense, but does not assist in defense)
Mike likes to sit in the suckhole.
Mike is such a suckhole.
by RKH March 21, 2007
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Any person who is an annoying jerk or idiot. Used in an insulting way to describe anyone one does not like. Comparable to "asshole".
You are such a suck hole
Get lost you stupid suck hole
by Pogmotoin January 09, 2008
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