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Someone who updates twitter / facebook / their personal blog (WTF, who owns these? we don't care what you think!) practically every moment, detailing EVERY SINGLE event that happened in their day.

So you're trying to prove to us that you have a life...but you honestly don't. We don't care what you're doing.
A: -twitters- MM, I'm hungry.
A: -twitters- YUM going to starbucks now!
A: -facebooks- Going to my boyfriends now!
A: -twitters later- Giving my bf a bj! GTG!

We don't care. x_X Stupid no lifer.
by Pocketful of Sunshine March 27, 2010

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"From the Greek name Óôåöáíïò (Stephanos) meaning "crown". Saint Stephen was an early Christian martyr who was stoned to death, as told in Acts in the New Testament. Another Saint Stephen is the patron saint of Hungary, the first Christian king of that country (10th century). This was also the name of kings of England, Serbia, and Poland, as well as ten popes. More recently it is borne by the British physicist Stephen Hawking and the American author Stephen King. "

Stephen is considered one of the top 100 masculine and sexy names of the modern nation possessed by only people who will succeed greatly in life opposed to the name Steven possessed by druggies.

If you pronounce it STEF-en, that means your IQ is extremely low. It's prounced stEVen, guys. And it's okay, you can call him Steveyboy.
Resa: Hi STEF-en.
Stephen: Damn you.
by Pocketful of Sunshine June 16, 2008

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A boy's name. Yeah, that's right, it was originally a boy name's which somehow, over a few decades, turned itself around into one of the most common girl's names.

However, some dopes try to morph the name around to make it less common by using variations such as "Ashlee", "Ashleigh", "Ashlie", "Eshley", "Ashly", and so on, but that just makes it worse.
Isaak from the 1870's: Ashley, I love you.
Passerby: He's gay.

Isaak from now: I LuV u AsHLEy!!! <3
Ashley: I love you too, Isaak.
by Pocketful of Sunshine June 18, 2008

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The classical place for someone to get laid. An urban legend, san.
Girl: Let's sex.
Boy: But where?
Girl: Obviously Motel 6!
by Pocketful of Sunshine July 10, 2008

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WTS, or "What the s***?" is used by people who don't want to use the F-word or swear.

Can also mean "What the sheesh?", "What the shietz?", "What the shet?", "What the shabeep?" and so on.
Krystina: WTS are you doing, san?
by Pocketful of Sunshine June 18, 2008

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The greatest way someone can die.

1) Jumping off a historical landmark.


2) Drowning in 2 inch deep water.
Last night, Shaun was found dead with his head submerged in a bucket of 2 inch deep water. Now THAT was an epic suicide!
by Pocketful of Sunshine October 06, 2008

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Money, money, and more money! It's a slang term, however, for the word "buck" when people try to get cheap and fancy.
Stephen: How much does a hotel cost?
Resa: Like 100 buckaroos a day.
by Pocketful of Sunshine July 10, 2008

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