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ginger bread man
1) Can i have another GBM please?

2) I ate so many GBM's that i'm going to explode
by Pizzaface999 December 25, 2010

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A beverage made by the combination of Yuengling and ginger ale
That Gingaling the bar tender just made me was fabulous
by Pizzaface999 August 06, 2014

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when a male ejaculates up one of his partners nostrils, then immediately follows it by ejaculating up the partners second nostril.
Jessica is always feeling congested because she has Netty sex with every guy she meets.
by Pizzaface999 August 20, 2011

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Short hand for resident
That doctor is great I wonder of all the other resies are that good
by Pizzaface999 July 15, 2017

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To become boyfriend and girlfriend or to become an "item."
Hey babe, Do you want to itemize so I can call you my girlfriend?
by Pizzaface999 July 16, 2017

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