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a drink served at parties to unsuspected person/s.
ingredients-prun nectar and vodka on the rocks
Dave :Dude you going to my party?
Bruce :No way last time you gave everyone that fruity drink and the next day everyone stayed home on their toilet with the shits.
Dave : Dude I made everyone my famous shit storm.
by PizzaManDude August 18, 2013
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when two guys are havin sex with the same girl at the same time vaginal and anal and they can feel each other inside her thru the thin membrane
Dude I felt you swell up before cumming in that girl's ass we were cock knockin last night.
by PizzaManDude August 9, 2013
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when a dude can text a girl the right words that turn her on.
Chris : dude check this out i got this girl totally into me.She wants to come over tonight to fuck me.
Dude: dude isn't she Tylor's ex girl?
Chris : ya but that never stopped me.
Dude:your to good at getting them wet with words
Chris :I know
by PizzaManDude October 3, 2014
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When a female player in an online multiplayer game
kills another player and runs up and kneels over the players face bobbing up and down and/or spins.
I can't believe Jenna kicked your ass in BF3 last night. She so Tea Vagged you at least a dozen times.
by PizzaManDude August 8, 2013
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instead of none taken,

after someone rudely comments :no offence but i thought you would be prettier in person.
dude01 :no offence but you smell like shit.

dude02 :some taken
by PizzaManDude July 28, 2014
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when a person is of the teenage years 13 thru 19
Tyler: Dude that girl stayed over at my place again.
Chris: you mean that girl who is seventeen?
Tyler: Dude she's really sixteen.
Chris: she might as well be fifteen.
Tyler: at least she's some teen.
Chris: Dude your sick.
by PizzaManDude October 19, 2014
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an invention that is based on another invention but used in some different way to the original idea it's used for.
the steam engine in a ship was based after the locomotive train a true father of invention
by PizzaManDude October 19, 2014
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