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a drink served at parties to unsuspected person/s.
ingredients-prun nectar and vodka on the rocks
Dave :Dude you going to my party?
Bruce :No way last time you gave everyone that fruity drink and the next day everyone stayed home on their toilet with the shits.
Dave : Dude I made everyone my famous shit storm.
by PizzaManDude August 18, 2013
a baby born from Chaturbate performers having sex

example 01

Dude one: Saw a room on Chaturbate last night the girl

looked preggers. She was going on about how she got

that way preforming her show where the vote ended in a

cream pie.

Dude two: Dude that's so fucked up.

example 02

in the chat box <note not real members.... I hope>

ImHere4TheShow: How many tokens for a creampie?

SallyandMike193: Sorry no creampie she's not on the

pill. We don't want no Chaturbaby.
by PizzaManDude February 5, 2018
when two guys are havin sex with the same girl at the same time vaginal and anal and they can feel each other inside her thru the thin membrane
Dude I felt you swell up before cumming in that girl's ass we were cock knockin last night.
by PizzaManDude August 9, 2013
instead of none taken,

after someone rudely comments :no offence but i thought you would be prettier in person.
dude01 :no offence but you smell like shit.

dude02 :some taken
by PizzaManDude July 28, 2014
when a dude can text a girl the right words that turn her on.
Chris : dude check this out i got this girl totally into me.She wants to come over tonight to fuck me.
Dude: dude isn't she Tylor's ex girl?
Chris : ya but that never stopped me.
Dude:your to good at getting them wet with words
Chris :I know
by PizzaManDude October 3, 2014
When a female player in an online multiplayer game
kills another player and runs up and kneels over the players face bobbing up and down and/or spins.
I can't believe Jenna kicked your ass in BF3 last night. She so Tea Vagged you at least a dozen times.
by PizzaManDude August 8, 2013
A black man who is gay and has a family at home.

A Bitch Nigga playin both sides of the fench ACDC.

you know like bisexual (not to be confused with buy sexual eg like paying for it).

1)not to be confused with the movie of the same name.

2)not to be confused with a house nigga you know the kind of nigga livin off some

bitch till she sees he's never goin find a job sleeping in her bed all day.
Darnell : Hear about DeShawn, His wife found out he's a undercover brother.........

Deron : whot she hire a private eye, no way 2 babies wit Kiara and this faggot bitch ass

nigga finds time to suck dick AND eat a man's ass.
by PizzaManDude June 4, 2018