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A sexual procedure that is conducted by many High School virgins due to the fact that they believe they are going to heaven if they remain a virgin till marriage but it is much better to only suck on the males genitalia
Will you please just sit on my penis cause you give terrible Oral.
by PinSeekr October 16, 2005
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A dvc is a person who is overly infatuated with his girlfriend and never lets her out of her site. A dvc is also known to be in denial about how dominating the woman is in the relationship and that he favors anal.
Dude I havent seen you in a month your always hanging with your girl, your being such a dvc.
by PinSeekr October 17, 2005
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A shaft which is connected to most males that is used to persuade women into pro-choice.
I dissagree against abortion but not if you use your PENIS on me!
by PinSeekr October 16, 2005
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