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1). A peice of lingerie that goes up your ass. Comfortable. Most would disagree, but some say it is comfy, like me.

2). A sandle or flip flop worn in Summer.
1). When we were shopping, we saw a thong for $5, so we bought it.

2). I had a pair or thongs, but i must have misplaced them.
by Pickles March 25, 2005

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A deceased man's penis, erect by way of Rigor Mortis.
A male corpse's fully extended genital member.
Sometimes used with other terms such as: "Mother fucking corpdick" which would refer to the necrophiliac sexual intercourse between a mother and the aforementioned recently deceased man.
It is occasionally alternatively spelled as "Corpdic"
Bill: You are such a corpdick!
Ted: Wtf does that even mean?
Bill: You're a dead man's hardened cock, idiot.

Greg: That dude doesn't even seem to breathe when he sleeps. This one time his girlfriend thought he was dead, but she was confused since he had a raging boner.
Phil: So she thought he had corpdick?
Greg: Yeah, pretty much.
by PICkLes October 14, 2012

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To skeet skeet on da bitches
I glazed dat bitch last night
by pickles August 30, 2004

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One of Leonardo da Vinci's lesser known works in which he described, in minute detail, the design for a time travel machine. Late in the 20th century, these journals were sold to Microsoft Corporation in order the fund ongoing anthropological quests for the Holy Grail by a private historian, based somewhere in the former USSR. It is believed that the forthcoming Windows release, Longhorn, will contain time travel capabilities which are currently under development at Microsoft's Redmond HQ, under the project name "Visual Surgleyfonk#++.NET".
Have you got Service Pack 2 for Visual Surgleyfonk#++.NET yet? It's important; it corrects a potentially harmful exploit in SPACETIMECONTINUUM.dll.
by pickles March 10, 2005

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