5 definitions by Phill Dirt

Before Corona, a time marker of when things cshanged due to the Corona Virus
Oh, if you think she looks good now you should have seen what she looked like BC.... She was Goldilockz
by Phill Dirt May 04, 2020
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When something is "just right". Perfect, Straight or on point . When nothing else needs to be added/taken away. A man/woman who is desirable or a "keeper".
"I've never met anyone like her. We hung out the whole weekend and had such a good time... Everything was goldilockzed. "
by Phill Dirt April 06, 2020
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Spanglish word meaning be fucking careful .
I recently picked up this fine little Mexican Mama named Rosalita. as she was on her knees about to take care of my business she smiled up at me and I saw this god-awful grillthat was pouring in so many different directions is that her food would get confused when she chews it. As soon as she opened her mouth and started heading towards my...... "I said stop Cuifukindado ho!!!! She apologized and I said "don't be sorry ho be careful"
by Phill Dirt May 05, 2020
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The burnt dope or resin left in a bubble and put aside for future use when you can't score any. A back up or reserve so you can stay bricked up. The bubble turns black from the push dope and if you hold the bubble sideways it resembles the Death Star, hence Death Star Dope.
This dude was stuck on stupid and running on that tweaker time then sold somebody else my shit. He said that tomorrow he'll be good and he'll let me know when he's Godilockzed. Thank God I put aside some of that Death Star dope.
by Phill Dirt July 31, 2021
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An inventive or creative way of making money or benjamins. Making that paper by different or unconventional means. Thinking outside of the box ways to come up.
She was just your average Street Working Girl but ever since I taught her how to juggle while belly dancing I've been strappin keys to kites dawg
by Phill Dirt September 29, 2019
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