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When a woman lures you in with her amazing beauty, only to be drugged in your own home and wake up with an open bottle of lube in your ass, house robbed, and a shit in the kitchen sink.
Derek: {visually angry with tears in his eyes}
Jason: What happened to you last night??
Derek: I'm not sure, I took this gorgeous babe home and she pulled a Dirty Trinity on me
Jason: oh my! She shit in your sink too?? What'd she take??
Derek: yep, the footprints are still on the counter and she took everything!!! Plus, my ass still hurts!!!
by PervHirt August 29, 2019

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A sweet, beautiful woman who comes off innocent ... Only to trap her prey and violate them in the most perverse of ways for her pleasure... Then discarded after being stripped of dignity in the most savage and sexy fashion
*john comes home
Roommate: "have you been crying???"
John: "that date was going great, then she took me home and went Dirty Yvonne on me"

Roommate: "she was so pretty and seemed so innocent tho?"
John: *sobs uncontrollably

Roommate: *embracing John "there, there"
by PervHirt June 09, 2019

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When a female is about to climax and punches the man in the face, knocking him out in a reverse donkey punch fashion. Then cuddles his unconscious body until he awakes to have sex again.
Zak: {walks into room with black eye}
Tom: Whoa! What happened to you?
Zak: met up with a girl last night and she gave me the Dirty Shauna...
Tom: {gasps}...
Zak: I think I'm in love {weeps tear of joy}
by PervHirt August 31, 2019

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When a gorgeous dark skinned goddess of a woman lures a foreigner in with her charm and beauty, only to lure him in and domesticate him as some sort of sexual pet
Dave: Did you hear about David, he left to meet his sweetheart and never came back!
Todd: he was a good lad ... Pretty sure he got the ol' dirty precious.
Dave: lucky bastard!
by PervHirt September 05, 2019

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When a woman captivates a man for years with her beauty and charm, only to raise another man's child.
Jon: hey, where's the wife?
Jaret: I just found out she pulled a dirty Bessie on me {starts sobbing}
Jon: {embraces Jaret} there there, it'll be ok... At least you don't have child support
by PervHirt August 31, 2019

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When during the act of a soup kitchen one spreads shit on the windows, then finishing the act completely concealed, while leaving photos of said soup kitchen in the glove box
Jon: I had to burn my car.
Steve: Why is that?
Jon: had some bums do a Dirty Jaret in there!!!
Steve: what!?!? They left pics too???
Jon: and a thank you note signed by the group
by PervHirt August 29, 2019

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