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The first state is mostly filled with good ol' southern folk, with the exception, of some tree huggers in northern virginia, and is known for it rich history. you wont find a giant amount of rednecks, but there is still a good sized amount of confederate flag waving hicks.
Virginia is the first state, and part of dixie.
by Perkins July 11, 2005

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(n.)A joke "prep school gang", who live in a "prep school ghetto" consisting of 2 rich white kids and 3 joke wannabe thugs
(v.) acting like a wanna be gang member, who would get fucked up if ever in a fight
Z Stein is such a crook, he'd get killed in a fight with my mom.
by Perkins February 22, 2003

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they are lead by 2 members of the hewbrew faith, enough said
Yo muthafuckin crookz we can't roll on E today and mess up whitey, i gotta go to temple
by perkins February 23, 2003

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