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More than merely being a typo/contraction of "Good", this refers to a sort of unthinking, irrational pleasure, such as a euphoric high induced by drugs.
"Omg i smoekd 20 bags of weed today i feel so gud", said the stoner in the internet chatroom, before staggering off to start his 21st.
by Pepsiman April 27, 2011

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A term that developed as a typo of "own", appearing in various games. Later, it referred to the complete and total destruction or "ownage" of an opponent. Nowadays, it has no genuine meaning and has been seen as punctuation.
Old usage: "Dude, you just totally pwned that guy"
Later usage: "0mg 1 kil u!!11!1! pwnt"
Current usage: A:"If you work on your aim, you will get more kills." B: "pwnt" C: "Yeah, I suppose we need to learn." B: "OMG LURNIN IS FAEL pwnt pwnt pwnt"
by Pepsiman May 19, 2009

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Verb; Judding is the act of guaranteeing a prediction to come true, but then failing to accomplish whatever it is that you guaranteed.
Guy 1: I'm going to score a goal right here.
*Doesn't score goal*
Guy 2: Way to Judd that gay boy.
by PepsiMan July 24, 2012

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To simulate playing a video game by mashing buttons. A reference to the Angry Video Game Nerd episode of the same name.
You know that scene in The Wizard where the guy's mashing buttons and acting like he's playing Zelda II? He's actually Winter Games-ing.
by Pepsiman September 12, 2010

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Shut is the ultimate word to annoy somebody. If you really want to piss somebody off, you will use "Shut".
Boy: Mom, guess what?
Mom: What?
Boy: Shuttttttttttttttt.
by PepsiMan July 24, 2012

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Verb; Graping is basically a step up of raping. When you grape somebody you become ecstatic and the feeling can only be related to sticking your pee pee inside of your opponents bunghole. The best part about graping somebody is once you've done it, you get to troll your foe by telling them how owned they got!
Guy 1: How did your date go the other night?..
Guy 2: I showed her my penis and she just laughed.. I got totally graped!
by PepsiMan July 24, 2012

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