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That website is now borked, too much traffic has killed it.
by PeP April 14, 2004
he is the king of all chodes wether it be hairy wet poo infested or just plain cumm pasted he is there to rule it- tny
dude that kid needs to PADIUM and become Chody McCHode cus he is all totally worth it
by PeP November 17, 2004
1. the dodge kebab/pizza/pide shop at manly
2. the act of, or state of being haggard
3. better than Istambul next door
4. the name given to the unwashed hand after poo mining (see poo miner)
When i shook andy's hand it was urcan
by PeP July 19, 2004
A Person. What in the hell else would this word mean?
Someone will kill you for being stupid.
by PeP September 6, 2003
Telecomm engineer who wants to be a sloppy Mexican.
by PeP October 24, 2003