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Brayden Decamp is the best athlete. He has beautiful patched skin, dazzling Zia blue eyes, and dark hair flaked with white. His athletic abilities are so advanced, he is a bulldog on the field. He created and found a cure for an STD while stealing a tired guy's bitch. Famous for the quotes: "You niggas is corndogs.. wieners wit bread", and " Brayden also founded the first urinal for dickheads. He is the president of the small penis club and he is known for fucking your bitch. His greatest nemesis is John Grife (Best Known for fucking his mom). Follow this legend on twitter @BraydenDaGoat. Nicknames: Brayzorr, Zia, CrybabyBray, and CryGraby. He is so fly he will make your heart stop.
"That guy is so cool, he must be Brayden Decamp."
"Mike promised me he would pay for the coffin at my mother's funeral, but didn't. Now, they're just burying her in the dirt. He's such a Brayden!"
"That Brayden just stole my bitch... I was asleep."
"I need a trauma surgeon to fix me... I need a Brayden"
by Paul Wenis May 7, 2018
Expression that you name the best people around. Calling somebody this means you basically praise them and admire all of their hard work. For example, you call people who block punts 'Quavo Ratatoullie'. Pronounced "rat-a-tool-lee"
Still be playing with pots and pans, call me Quavo Ratatoullie
by Paul Wenis May 13, 2018
An expression exclaimed when one bro discerns an exquisite specimen of a female homo-sapien. Said female prospect must possess an immaculately proportioned rack and a remarkably quintessential gluteus maximus.
Great Googly Moogly that bih is fine; fuck my tits bro
by Paul Wenis January 10, 2018
Pinche Montse, also short for Pinche Montse A La Verga, is a takauche who is also known as Edgara. Her favorite things are to drink beer, lay under the stars on a hot night, and listen to corridos. Her pronouns are wey/cuh. She also loves to order in English.
by Paul Wenis September 7, 2020