10 definitions by Patrick from Atown

1.a state
2.residents are called "Massholes"
3.drivers in mass are referred to as "Massholes" more specifically
4.aforementioned definition is usually used by New Jerseyians
5. the state thats fuckin tits, teh stank buddah of all states
6. we got boston kreme donuts bitchez!!
7. home of the biggest waste of money...The Big Dig!!(15 billion and counting)
8. weird bostonian accent
masshole 1:I paaked the kaa in the yaad
masshole 2:I cut some gay New Jersian off on the Mass Pike
masshole 3:i had to detour cuz the big dig was still being a waste of money yo
masshole 4:yeah well i cut some guy off while talking on my cell phone and eating a boston kreme donut
steve:im from Massachusettes
by Patrick from Atown November 27, 2006
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n. a fart left in an elevator for future occupants to experiance
Dude 1:dude i just totally cincinnati air freshener'ed that elevator
Dude 2:dude youre whack
by Patrick from Atown December 8, 2006
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my gilrfriend broke up with me and no longer do we do bumpty bumpty
by Patrick from Atown November 13, 2006
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songs sung for christmas hence the name "christmas songs" even retards that look shit up like christmas songs should know that
my version of the christmas song "deck the halls"

Deck the halls with Gasoline!
Fa la la la la..la la la la
Light a match and watch them scream!
Fa la la la la..la la la la
Watch the world burn to ashes
Fa la la la la..la la la la
Aren't you glad I play with matches?
Fa la la la la..la la la la!

and because the example must use "christmas songs" and i only wanna put 1 christmas song here...the preceeding was created
by Patrick from Atown December 3, 2006
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massachusettes term for an excess of something
Its raining like a bastard
I banged your mom like a bastard.She was STANK BUDDAH.
by Patrick from Atown November 25, 2006
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a belt that one accidently puts a half-twist in
Today i put on my belt and it was tighter than usual. Apon further examination i had accidentAlly put a half twist in it and had worn a mobius belt for over 10 minutes.

by Patrick from Atown December 29, 2006
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