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Acronym for "Itty Bitty Titty Committee". Usually used to describe women (or men) with a lack of flesh mounds.
Latisha is a card-carrying member of the IBTC, I'm suprised she doesn't pay to get some new watermelons.
by Path October 14, 2005

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One who gobbles cock.
Man, whats with Jim today, he sure is bein' a cockgobbler.
by Path July 22, 2002

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The act of downloading internet porn, masturbating to it once, then deleting it due to either paranoia or lack of interest.
"Yeah man, you'll never find any porn on my hard drive, I practice beat and delete."
by Path January 03, 2005

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A really bad event. Sort of like a bummer, only spelled properly.
"I heard Steve-Dave broke his ankle shooting hoops, maybe he was just unlucky. bummrt."
by Path January 03, 2006

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When a woman's torso is too long and her legs are too short, essentially the inverse of what's hot.
Johnny Drama didn't want to give a girl a ticket to the premiere of Aquaman because she was top tall.
by Path July 03, 2006

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When a drunk driver decides to drive down a street that has cars parked on both sides of it and use them as bumpers. Term was originally derived from the 1982 video game.
Some douche got drunk at the bar down the street and had a little Bump 'n' Jump action on my car... it's banged up!
by Path June 05, 2006

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The Apple MacBook. Called the EmoBook because the edge of the keyboard is poorly designed and is sharp, which cuts up your wrists.
"I thought Bernie went to a Cure concert, his wrists were so cut up... but he was just on his EmoBook."
by Path May 29, 2006

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