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adj., a portmanteau of skirt and delicious used to describe a woman with long legs and/or a nice ass wearing a short, tight, or revealing skirt. The user of the term is implicitly expressing a desire to get a taste of the skirt's contents.
"Angela looks so skanky in that outfit."

"Whatever. She's totally skirtalicious."
by Parrish October 26, 2006
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Over the top. Apparently, if you're a Hollywood executive you're allowed to make up acronyms as you go, even if they make no sense. But then, if you think that posting billboards of a dead and bloodied Elisha Cuthbert is a good way to promote a movie, you're a big enough moron as it is.
"Personally, I wasn't going to go with this campaign. I thought it was OTP (over the top)," Solomon said. "Nothing like this can ever happen again."
by Parrish March 20, 2007
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A beautiful, intellectual, and troubled girl. She is an outstanding person, a delight to be around, but from past experiences she refuses to let that show. Her kind nature causes people to underestimate/ walk over her. Though, she has a pure heart, heart of gold to be exact ( if you get the chance to know her ) she is a child at heart yet wise beyond her years. She is no doubt witty and viciously sarcastic, she would do anything in her power to love or please the people she truly loves. She is extremely charming and gosh darn adorable. If you're ever lucky enough to have her, let alone know her....KEEP, LOVE AND PROTECT HER AT ALL COST!!!!. You will instantly fall in love with this girl as soon as you meet her doey brown eyes. She has a gorgeous white smile, long thick brown-ish/ black hair, cute dimples and a marvelous laugh, with body that suits her well. She has a unique style and fashion, her own person. ( also she can be a baddie if you fuck up)
Sam: Look at Krystal!
Nick: Who?!
Dean: My soon-to-be-girlfriend or crush
Jack: My best friend/girlfriend who deserves the world
All: Lucky and true...
by Parrish December 6, 2018
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n., The act of a woman bringing her mouth into the vicinity of a man's groin with the intention of arousing him but not performing an actual sex act. A faux job can entail her placing a hand on the crotch and sucking her fingers, blowing on the penis from an inch or so away, placing her mouth over the penis of a man still wearing pants, or any other similar activity.The goal can be either to tease the man or to indicate a willingness to go further.
"I was only going to get one lapdance, but the stripper started giving me a faux job and next thing you know I'm out a hundred bucks."
by Parrish October 26, 2006
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