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The act of a dude in the bottom of a Home Depot shopping cart hidden under store items, gives a blow job through the cart slats to the dude who pushes the carriage and pretends to shop.
Mars Man covered a random homeless man with tile, insulation, and a case of Round Up while he leisurely enjoyed a Rockland rickshaw.
by Papa Wheelie October 03, 2012

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Giving a blowjob to a dude behind Denny's with a mouthfull of silver dollar pancakes.
Marsy enjoyed his Moons Over My-Hammy at Denny's, but was more excited about his to-go order of flapjacks and the impending Hingham Lockjaw he was about to experience.
by Papa Wheelie November 12, 2012

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A popular rest area mens room act where 3 dudes get in one stall, the first dude sits on the toilet, the second dude stands facing the first dude with his feet inside a tall shopping bag, thus hiding his presence from the outside, he gets blown by the first dude, the third dude is naked and sitting on the shoulders of dude two, now dude three is much taller than the stall door negating the purpose of the shopping bag, but he is only there because it's funny as shit when there is a naked dude on another dudes shoulders.
Tim felt fancy standing in a Nordstroms bag while his two new friends helped him complete a Kingston Trio.
by Papa Wheelie October 08, 2012

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noun, a person who's love for collecting vinyl makes them morally bankrupt and without bounds.Tim did
Tim gave a guy a Dutch Rudder, an upper decker double blumkin, and received a strawberry shortcake in exchange for a mint condition 1984 Agent Orange 7" in lieu of the $8 asking price, he is a real record playah.
by Papa Wheelie November 20, 2012

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An additional burrito added to ones order for the sole purpose of fucking it.
Tim would always order three regular burritos, and then an extra filled with warm avocados and refried beans for the Mexican Fleshlight®, aka the kicker.
by papa wheelie January 26, 2015

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