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Similar to "wasted" but in relation to smoking "buddah" and not drinking alcohol. High of yer ass
I got blown last night
by Papa Smurf February 04, 2003

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One of many things to say to someone that needs to stop talking nonsense or bothering you.
I told those loud-mouthin fat-ass black chicks to have a nice cup of shut the fuck up. I was surprised when they actually tried to.
by Papa Smurf December 01, 2004

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The time of one's life after 65. Also referred to as over the hill.
"My dad is locked up in a nursing home, enjoying his golden years.
by Papa Smurf September 24, 2003

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The Islamic terrorist's switchblade and edged weapon of choice.
The towelheads on Flight 11 out of Boston were armed with box cutters.
by Papa Smurf July 08, 2005

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A word extracted from the name Dmitri and Used to describe a person who cannot construct a sentence or spell his own name, Is rude, Arrogant, Can never be wrong, Has very bad BO Problems.

This person is short, hard to work with, hard to understand and just a general real pain in the ass.
Gee he is a real Dminitri, I cant understand a thing he is saying, he smells and he is really giving me the shits and nothing he does is his fault.
by Papa Smurf October 20, 2004

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To hit someone with your penis
STFU bitch or I'm going to smurf you until your brain bleeds
by Papa Smurf October 17, 2004

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What happens to every person on this site that posts something stupid and hateful against Republicans, Christians, Americans, the British, rock music, and George W. Bush. G** Dammit we're tired of this bullshit.
Just keep saying something about my Republican comrades, and you'll get your mother fuckin cranium cracked!!!
by Papa Smurf December 01, 2004

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