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A unit of measurement that can encompass anything, and any breadth. Anything you can possibly conceive of can be used on the quiche-o-meter, however the most commonly used scales range from David Hasselhoff to Chuck Norris (or any other kind of b-grade actor, or washed up star you can think of).

The idea of the universal Quiche-O-Meter was first conceived by a group of Melbournian Uni students who came to the realisation that their cafe served quite shocking quiches. This in turn led to the realisation that anything in the world can be defined as good or bad when compared to different types of quiches as well as to different types of actors. i.e. Chuck Norriss will score higher than David Hasselhoff, but William Shattner will score higher again.
'That's a David Hasselhoff on the Quiche-O-Meter!"
by Pamela March 03, 2005
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something crappy that happens
I just dropped the bong, what a bash.
by Pamela July 29, 2003
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A nice guy. (one day we were at dennys and realized that you always think about buying waffles, but then you always end up getting the french toast or something. It's not that there's anything wrong with a waffle, its just that the french toast is so damn tempting. So its the same for nice guys, it would make sense to go for one, but we never do. I mean, sure you'll leggo an eggo at home when nobodies looking, but yeah...)
Girl 1: Hey, why don't you go for Steve, he's so nice.
Girl 2: Ugh, yeah right, he's such a waffle.
by Pamela February 03, 2004
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something started in the 80`s when people didn`t want to be told what to do or what to say any more they were fed up of being over looked so they stood up for what they believed in.

true anarchy is rare now that we have posers walking the earth
Poser: Oh my god!!! I Looooove Avril she rox my sockies *giggle*
by Pamela January 19, 2004
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A person you believe to be the coolest dude alive.
How cool is that rhino? I want to have his babies.
by Pamela November 12, 2003
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