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1) A story with which to scare little Mexican children.

2) If said correctly, like a spooky tone, it scares the shizz outta you!

3) Basically the Mexican Boogeyman/the fucking scariest thing on the face of the earth.
1)"Si no te calmas, el Cu-Cuy te va ha agarrar!"----translation----"If you don't behave, the Cu-Cuy will get you!"

2)"El Cuuuuuu-Cuuyyyyyyyyyyy!"

3) Say this in the dark with a bunch of Mexicans (mostly kids) and they WILL start to cry.
by PaleteroJ April 05, 2010

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What (high school) freshman girls currently (as well as Jr. Highers) are becoming more and more of as the years progress.
person 1: "The freshman this year are all slutty."

person 2: "I know, wait till next year."

person 3: "I know right."
by PaleteroJ April 09, 2010

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1) Someone who cannot win in any sort of discussion or argument.

2) Someone who cannot come up with a good comeback in a fight yet thinks of the things he/she could have said after its over.

3) Someone who can be sent on a guilt trip by a simple lecture to information they didn't know.
1) "Dude, your wrong! Face it!" "Okay...sheez...I'm such a push over"

2) "She called me a bitch, why didn't I call her an ass-licking whore? I've seen her do it! It would've made her cry all kinds!"

3)"I can't believe I didn't know that! How can I be so stupid? Of course a girl has a...sweet spot...!"
by PaleteroJ March 30, 2010

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A really nasty substance. Like ear wax, saliva, boogers etc.
"Dude! Your ear phones are full of gack!"
by PaleteroJ March 27, 2010

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When two or more people compare and argue about who has had a harder life, thinking they somehow can win at being a loser.
Person A: "My dad beat me when I was a kid."

Person B: "At least your dad was around."

Person A: "Dude, this isn't some kind of...drowning contest. We've all had hardships."
by PaleteroJ December 24, 2014

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