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jüriöö ülestõus (georgesnight uprising) a rebellion in estonia 23. april 1343 (in the night of St. George's Day) against germans. Estonian peasants killed many germans including children and women but they lost.

In slang is jüriöö when all (or most) students/pupils pack in the middle of the lesson their stuff, stand up, yell "jüriöö" and run out of the classroom (and usually go home). It is done when it is obvious, that the schoolday is long enough and has to be ended.
teacher writes: "... arbitrary left the lesson, absent without a reason, tomorrow detention we repeat the same lesson"
by ptk January 02, 2004
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(N.) The most beautiful creature that ever existed. He is god sent to earth in human form. It is impossible to look him straight in the face without fainting from his sheer beauty. His ginger is like the sun. He sheds carrots.
Who's that beautiful creature over there? Oh wait, it's Simcha!
by PTK August 19, 2012
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acid overdose (~400 µg)
guido callin': "yoah yant beilaew wha im seijyng, wa undarstand wha im saying?"
sai-sam: hangs up *acidov¿
by ptk January 18, 2004
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certain type of cult activity in ancient greek, it was well guarded secret, cult members committed rituals and drank several drinks (wine),and likely mushroom and plant extracts like junkies nowadays and they saw interesting hallucinations about their god dionysos.
Dionysos mystery and demeter mystery were kept in secret. Who broke the silence oath, had to die.
by ptk January 13, 2004
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