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A person who licks, tickles, or otherwise plays with another person's grundel
That girl is the best grundeller, she started with her tongue and it felt amazing
by PSK480 March 23, 2007

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A girl who willingly and enthusiastically drinks not one but two 16oz cups of two different people's piss.
Bridget: If you piss in a cup I'll drink it.
Jon: Here you go, that's 16 oz. of my piss.
Bridget pounds the contents of the cup.
Bridget: See I told you you could drink piss and it didn't hurt you.
Jon proceeds to puke 3 times.
Ashley(said in a Cockney Accent): 'Ello Guzzla
by PSK480 March 21, 2008

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To cuddle up in a half-spoon half-fetal position with a body pillow because you have got led on by a girl again.
Look at Cruzer, he's cruiser spooning again, must have been the DJing that sealed the deal.
by PSK480 February 05, 2007

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