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A person who is oblivious to his or her own stupidity. Someone from the town of Winchendon Massachusetts who drinks way too much alcohol at the local American Legion.
Let's get out of here, this place is full of guzzlas.

Even though he means well he's still a guzzla.
by Johnny Snowpants December 14, 2011
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A girl who willingly and enthusiastically drinks not one but two 16oz cups of two different people's piss.
Bridget: If you piss in a cup I'll drink it.
Jon: Here you go, that's 16 oz. of my piss.
Bridget pounds the contents of the cup.
Bridget: See I told you you could drink piss and it didn't hurt you.
Jon proceeds to puke 3 times.
Ashley(said in a Cockney Accent): 'Ello Guzzla
by PSK480 March 21, 2008
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