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The act of anal sex in a restroom. Putting it in her can, while in THE can.
Last night at the restaurant, we slipped into the bathroom and I gave her the can can.
by PGF March 3, 2007
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Another word for doggystyle. It is derived from shortening/combining the words: from behind. It is pronounced: frohm bee.
Dude, I hear she only likes to do it frombe.
by PGF March 3, 2007
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When a lesbian married couple gets a divorce.
It’s so sad that Becky and Janet’s relationship didn’t work out, hard to believe they are getting a shevorce.
by PGF July 8, 2020
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The act of becoming intoxicated by staring at a person's ass.
Damn bitch, those jeans got me all buttoxicated!
by PGF March 3, 2007
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