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2 bitches and 2 niggas who can rap
nuck if u buck boy;I come in tha club shakin my dreds; ellenwood area fuck wit us we bury ya.
by P.Diddy November 28, 2004
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A cool as Muthafucka, one that is above the rest
When you see someone walking down the hallway really smoove.

You say " Look at that cool Jammie."
by P.Diddy June 02, 2006
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Coming from "beat with the ugly stick" like when ur face is jacked up and people make fun of you 'nd junx. like ur face is so atrocious that it looks like someone beat u because ur face cannot possibly be that ugly.
Wow, that kids face is beat.

She was hot, but her face was beat.
by P.Diddy January 05, 2005
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