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A typing error that occurs while using swype texting on Android phones. Especially common when the texter is in a hurry, or has partaken in several adult beverages.
Example 1
Person A: I'm pregnant going out tonight
Person B: WHAT?!
Person A: Sorry, that was a swypo, I meant probably*

Example 2
Person A: Toy font have ti picnic
Person B: Huh???
(After trying to decipher their own message because of inebriation)
Person B: You don't have to panic*
by Orphan Stomper January 20, 2011
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A combination of the words "bro," and "obligation," used in such a manner to mean that it is a "bro's obligation."
Come on man, Jerry just got dumped. You know it's our brobligation to make him forget this night by giving him excessive amounts of alcohol, and/or taking him to the strip club!
by Orphan Stomper September 09, 2010
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When a bro breaks the Bro Code, putting him on probation.
You: I put (instert bro's name) on brobation because he hooked up with my ex 5 days after we split up.

Friend: Totally called for, he definitely violated the Bro Code.
by Orphan Stomper November 27, 2010
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