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A combination of the words "bro," and "obligation," used in such a manner to mean that it is a "bro's obligation."
Come on man, Jerry just got dumped. You know it's our brobligation to make him forget this night by giving him excessive amounts of alcohol, and/or taking him to the strip club!
by Orphan Stomper September 09, 2010
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One's obligations to his bro. Tied directly into loyalty and the unwritten rules concerning bro conduct.
Joe gravely failed to follow his brobligations when he simultaneously stole his friend's girl and acted as though nothing had happened.
by Sir Thaddeus March 11, 2010
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Portmonteau of "Bro" and "Obligation". If you are bros with someone, no matter how shitty his band is or how mind-numbing his poetry is, you are obligated to be his number one fan. Or, you know, decide to take some time off from each other while you consider new bros that might be a better match for each of you.
"Dude, you read my book yet?"
"Naw man, haven't had the time."
"You got to make the time dogg. You've got a brobligation to fulfill!"
by Karl Denning IIIthousand April 07, 2009
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