Present on Wikipedia, preferably with a whole article devoted to the subject.


Easy to research using Wikipedia alone.

A My Dad's a successful musician, you know.

B He's not Wikipediable yet though, is he?


This essay question is so Wikipediable you don't have to read the book.
by Orlandooo April 14, 2010
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The act of going to Wikipedia to research an item or issue.
"I'm no Iron Man scholar, so I had to Wikipediate to find out that the grey armor was Tony Stark's first and relatively crude version of his powered suit." -Lev Grossman, Nerd World blog,, 04/12/07
by Ryly April 13, 2007
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A response referencing an obvious source of information.
"I can't believe how much Jack Black looks like Paul Revere."
"How do you know what Paul Revere looks like?"

by Jenodd March 8, 2011
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A wikipedi-odyssey is when, while reading a page on Wikipedia for any reason, you come across a linked word you are curious about and click on it, then on that new Wikipedia page you click on another link, and so on and so on until you realize you have spent several hours on Wikipedia. Sometimes referred to as a "wiki-quest".
Friday I was reading an article about the Higgs boson on Wikipedia and I clicked a link for the Large Hadron Collider, before I knew it I was on an afternoon long wikipedi-odyssey.
by Cpt. BAM January 21, 2011
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wik-ee-PEED-ee-nt (n.)

A person who believes everything they see on Wikipedia.

Other forms: wikipedientric (adj.), wikipedientry (n., an example of wikipedientric behavior) (wikipediantric/wikipediantry alternate spellings)

Similar to wikipedant, but a portmanteu of Wikipedia + obedient. Alternate spelling: wikipediant.
When the wikipedient wanted to know something, s/he looked it up on Wikipedia, regardless of whether the information was factual or not.
by Bob B. Bobertson May 10, 2014
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