12 definitions by Onedee Tentee

It means 'Have a Good Day'.
at the end of a chat conversation:
Ok, TTyL, HaGD.
by Onedee Tentee May 16, 2005
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also know as a dingleberry. Leftover poop that don't know when to drop a topic.
Drop the subject already, BN!
by Onedee Tentee June 3, 2005
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The act of traumatizing people through the overuse of unneeded dramatic enhancements. IE- Any entity that presents a story in such a way as to elicit as much emotion as possible. A good example is news channels that use musical scores with a story.
Why does CNN and FoxNews feel the need dramatize people with the extra music & overacting emotion?
by Onedee Tentee September 2, 2005
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It means "Wrong F*cking Forum"
It's when sonmeone posts a comment in the wrong area.
In a car enthusiast's Forum-
n00b: "Did you see what (politician)did?

Dude: STFU n00b! WFF!
by Onedee Tentee May 20, 2005
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Work Warning. Used on forums on the like to notify users that the following post has potentially unsafe work-environment content.
Here's a new pic of that singer! (WW)
by Onedee Tentee May 19, 2005
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