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A car driven around with the convertible top down and the windows rolled up!
He drives a fagtop 'Vette around town with the top down and windows up - he does NOT deserve that fine automobile.

He drives his fagtop so that he doesn't mess up his hair; it must be his time of the month.

Once he had his testicles removed, it was okay for him to drive his fagtop around town.
by OnTheSideOfRight May 25, 2007
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A horrible gay piece of shit laptop that freezes when the sky is blue, or green, or any color and likes to have gay sex with other gay computers, like God's old ass computer with no sound. Yup, it's gay like a fox.
"Dude, my fagtop is acting like a fag."
"That is SO unshibby that your laptop is acting like a fagtop."
"My fagtop is so homo that I'm gonna shoot it in the face!"
by Da Marshinator, like a fox August 29, 2003
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