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A government-funded gangbanging thug.
Listen to Ill Bill - How To Kill A Cop to get what I'm saying.
by Omega Death November 18, 2003
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Someone who disagrees with, or wins an argument against a liberal, especially against a nonwhite liberal.
How dare you oppose affirmative action, quotas, set-asides, bilingual education & voter ballots in 60 languages! Are you telling me that black people have to meet the same standards as white people, and that immigrants have to learn English in order to make it in American society? You're such a racist!
by Omega Death November 11, 2005
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Went from contentders, to cocksuckers, when A-Holevision bought the Knicks, and the Rangers, from Dave Checketts. Both teams would never be the same again.
Damn you Cablevision! Damn you to Hell!
by Omega Death May 9, 2005
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People who really love Hip-Hop.
It dosen't matter if it's commerical or underground, what matters if it's dope or not.
by Omega Death November 20, 2003
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some "prophet" rapper who has beef with Cormega
by Omega Death March 27, 2003
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Gay ass, no name ska band from California who sued an MC of that same name over copyright infringement.
Everyone knows who Common Sense the rapper is, but no one can remember who Common Sense the ska band was.
by Omega Death December 29, 2005
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