One of the sickest Bay Area Rappers alive. On level with Mac Dre. Also known as the New Jim Jones and Dre Dogg
A deadly mix at 6 foot 6 I'm sorta like a Tower, or a tanker, a mothafuckin Iraq tanker. Niggas step up and get dropped like an anchor.

-Andre Nickatina
by Lurchylurch May 27, 2006
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sickest bay area rapper since mac dre.
lyrics from Ayo by Andre Nickatina
Ayo for yayo
Walk around with yayo, all in my nasal
I must have been craze yo

by Kitchell June 10, 2008
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Cold rap cat straight from the heart of frisco, king nicky the dopest rapper since mac dre(r.i.p.). One of the very few rappers that haven't ebraced the hyphy culture and stays coming with dope beats time after time. Andre nickatina is a bay area legend and holds it down to the fullest extent.
Quick fast in a hurry, squat bounce drop dirt, cocaine tiger high walls, hit the freeway hard at night yall, with the keys right there I'm drive, like an eagle at 12 I'm ready to fly, pager goin off, the cell phone ringin, al green playin and I keep singin, jeans creased up with the beat up, now I'm bout to go pick this little freak up, blow L's make males ponytales, had to compliment her on her french done nails, va-room!! Mothafucka boom boom, a whole block of green like freak zoom zoom, mario andrette wit blow job betty, petal to the metal when you ridin with the devil, did just that at in-n-out burgers, no pickles no onions no playin, check this out no delayin, did a donut right is what I'm sayin, shit, police came I was on the streets , smokin mo' weed, bumpin mo' beat, put mo' words in her ear than freak, cadillac girl sumthin imma keep saville. -cadillac girl (andre nickatina & mac dre)
by michael sullivan November 25, 2006
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