44 definitions by Omar

smoking weed in open spaces, such as camphill
yo nigga wer da budha
by Omar October 08, 2003
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the best place in the entire world with hottie hottie hot hot omar
wow look at that am pm!
by omar April 30, 2004
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This word derives from the homosexual culture. Often showing a jokative gesture of stupidity
Oh Raul, that shirt doethn't match with those sockths! Really, Oh Jeeth Chrith!
You big Silly!
by omar April 01, 2004
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a person who is part of the gang called crips
what up cous you ready
by omar October 10, 2004
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A person that is too average. (Wears khakis and polo shirts, doesn't talk much).
He's just another common man.
by Omar March 13, 2003
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An accessory which is required by any homie who wants to earn respect /or to be taken seriously. Always diamond encrusted and worn like a chain, around the neck or wrist.
"Now where'd you get that platinum chain with them diamonds in it?"
by omaR April 18, 2003
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(1).When you are crumpin you are in a very chilled out mood.
(2).You partying or dancing to hip-hop music like mad, ludacris and obserd.
(1).Guy On The Phone #1: Ayo N**ga what you doin? Guy On The Phone #2: Juss Crumpin!

(2).Oh Shizzle dogg, look at dat yegga over therr crumpin!
by Omar August 23, 2004
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