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She's the most beautiful, amazing, sweetest girl you've ever met in your life.
She'll make you smile no matter how hard of a day you're having, or how low you feel.
She has hair like sunlight and eyes full of warmth.
I love her.
- Do you know where Aya lives?
_ Yea, in my heart <3
by Dory22 February 20, 2013
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a smart loving girl. she has pride that some people dont.
some people may not like her because of what she said or did

but if u got to know an aya dont let them go she cares a lot
shes gonna be there for even when your crying.
you might fight alot like i did with her but never let anyone tell u wrong. aya is a super pretty girl that u shouldn't let go.
by @megan._.isgr8 January 01, 2018
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An Aya is a beautiful, vibrant and talented woman who gives a man encouragement and inspiration to conquer the world. Her eyes instruct him to love her..and he does. She has no flaws only beauty: even her mistakes are as rare jewels wedged between two stones. An Aya is experienced once in a lifetime, so when you see her..absorb the moment.
Boy1: Wow..what is that?

Boy2: It's an Aya...amazing right?
Boy1: What I wouldn't give..
by Tyme-flies August 11, 2010
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A very kind and nice person. Aya is amazing at school! She will always be there for u no matter what...
Guys: woah did u just see aya she smells so good
Girl: yea! I love her eyes
by Friend123 February 07, 2012
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the most amazing girl you will meet she has pride and is the most beautiful girl you will meet she is extreamly funny but you have to give her a chance
my god shes an aya
by tristan querce December 18, 2008
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One who has the ability to attract men with a snap of her fingers, but will give them the X if she feels the need. Many see this being as a very sweet person, but don't note that she has evil ways and will kirk at someone if anyone has the nerve to say something against her bias.
boy: wow did you see that girl? she was smokin'
girl: be careful, i heard she's an aya
by AG Fan Club February 16, 2008
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