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When a female is being visited by her "aunt flow" (period) and you decide to go down on her like a fucking vampire.
My bitchy girlfriend was on her period, so to shut her bitch-ass up I made her cum with the Count Dracula
by Ojizzum March 22, 2009

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After recieving head, the man jizzes on his partners nipples (the woman must be pregnant), then she sucks her nipples, drinking her breast milk as well as her partners baby batter.
I met this pregnant bitch at a bar, and gave her the creamy nip drip, her kids gonna be fucked up when its born.
by Ojizzum March 01, 2008

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The act of motor-boating (making a noise and rubbing your fact between some titties)
on a lady with small boobies.
Dude, I Row-boated that Donna chick with the small tits back it seventh grade.
by Ojizzum July 17, 2008

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To shit onesself during senior game wearing white shorts, and letting it leak and show through during the whole damn game.
That greasy bastard actually meked himself during senior game and it left a grease streak...wow.

by Ojizzum March 17, 2009

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When a man spunks on an Arab women's face, and she proceeds to shave her arms, legs, and everything else, then pastes the massive amounts of hair onto her face using the man chowder.
"That hairy brown bitch had so much body hair spermed to her face that her Arabian Facial was protruding from behind her Berka.
by Ojizzum January 11, 2010

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Forplay before sex where a hard piece of feces is used to get the girl off, where it will melt from the wet warmth inside of her, creating a natural lubrication for intercorse.
I took a dump and gave my wife the rusty toolshed.
by Ojizzum March 01, 2008

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